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Welcome! Thanks for dropping by...

New Schimscheimer Family Trio album out!! Here is the link to our band camp page:

Wow, thanks Alexa Peters of Paste Magazine! I was listed as one of 10 women instrumentalists who redefine jazz... - December 21, 2016

So long 2014! What a great year. - January 3, 2015

2014 started out with a great trip to NYC in February to play with the Ben Goldberg School at the Stone. Ben was curating the Stone that whole week and brought together a stellar cast of musicians from all around the country. The Schimscheimer Family Trio then headed on a brief mini tour around the East Coast--to Philadelphia and New York. We had a great time playing music and exploring the vegan cuisine of the east! In May I went with Fred Frith's Gravity band to the Victoriaville Festival in Quebec. It was my first time at the festival and what an adventure that was! After our set, I got to hear Fred do a memorable duo concert with the great acrobat of the saxophone, Evan Parker. Holy cow was that a lesson in saxophone technique. In June the Gravity band went to Europe where we played a wonderful festival at a small town in the Netherlands called Neijmegen and then continued on to Germany and played the Moers Festival where I met and heard a slew of tremendous musicians. The audiences at these festivals were open, receptive, warm and welcoming. What a treat! Then in August, I went with Ben Goldberg's Unfold Ordinary Mind to New York and then to the Saalfelden Festival in Austria where I got to play with Nels Cline, Allison Miller, Ches Smith and Rob Sudduth. It was my first time playing with this band and it was nothing short of amazing. 

The traveling slowed down in the fall, but I did a lot of playing with Ian Carey, the Bay Area Composer's Big Band, Joe Bagale, Eric Garland, Henry Hung, and many others. In June The Holly Martins (me, Lorin Benedict & Eric Vogler) spent 2 days recording a live album at the CA Jazz Conservatory, which we will be mixing and mastering this month. I'm looking forward to hearing the final product! And I'm headed back to NYC in a few days to record a new album with the Schimscheimers, so 2015 is off to a good start! Happy new year to all and hope to see you soon.


Nathan Clevenger's new album "Observatory" gets a great review from NPR! - February 21, 2014

Congrats Nathan! And thanks to Andrew Gilbert once again for being so supportive of the bay area music scene.

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